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At Green Choice, we know that fertilization plays the biggest role in the overall look and health of your property. We also know that finding the perfect fertilization routine for your residential or business lawn can be complicated. Don’t worry, the Green Choice Signature program can help.

Healthy green grass

Achieve Golf Course Quality Lawns With Green Choice

Our experienced landscape specialists offer customized fertilization services using a comprehensive suite of premium lawn care products to create and sustain golf course quality turf throughout the year. Beyond delivering lush, green grass, the Green Choice Signature program delivers a wide range of significant property benefits, such as:

  • Promotes new leaf growth

  • Controls weeds

  • Increases soil nutrients

  • Protects against fungi and disease

  • Eliminates pests

Experience the Green Choice Signature Difference!

There’s nothing standard about Green Choice’s Signature fertilization program. We utilize both liquid and granular applications to ensure our clients enjoy the very best results possible. Our 7-step treatment process includes:

Early Spring Application

We start early in the season to give our clients a head start on their fertilization needs. We apply golf course quality fertilizer designed to enhance the look of your grass as well as stunt the growth of pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed. Our application also nourishes the soil with a healthy dose of potassium for added protection against pests, heat, disease, and drought.

Late Spring Application

Green Choice isn’t done with spring yet; we come back later in the season for a second round of treatments. This application focuses on broadleaf weed control, achieving a gorgeous green color, and prepping your property for all that Connecticut summer heat.

Summer Application

Your lawn doesn’t love the high summer temperatures as much as people do. Green Choice’s summer treatment gets your property ready for even the harshest seasonal conditions. Once again, weed control is a key ingredient for success. We also include a surface insect control application so you and your loved ones can get outside and enjoy your property as often as possible.

Grub Control Application

Grubs happen – and when they do, they can wreak havoc on your home or business property. Not on our watch. Green Choice treats your property with this critical application to eliminate these bugs before they have a chance to come back next year and undo all our efforts.

Late Summer/Early Fall Application

We get your yard ready for the swiftly-approaching fall season. Our products enhance the natural thickening process that autumn brings with it and (once again) controls those pesky broadleaf weeds.

Winterizer Application

The only thing your lawn likes less than summer, is winter. Not to worry, Green Choice will get your property ready for Connecticut’s seasonal onslaught of cold and snow. Not only does our fall treatment protect your lawn in winter, it also helps strengthen and nourish it for next year.

Lime Application **Now included in Signature Program for 2019!!**

Why should you include lime applications in your Green Choice lawn care service program?

Lime is a mineral that provides your lawn with many benefits and can increase the pH levels of soil that is low in acidity, helping to create an optimal growing environment for your grass. Lime also helps your lawn absorb the nutrients from fertilization to better withstand weeds, fungus, and insects as well as building a stronger root system. Lime helps restore the natural balance and beauty of your lawn. For lawns that have heavily shaded areas because of trees and plants, we strongly recommend this type of treatment. Applying lime in late fall or early spring will produce optimal results. Upgrade your Green Choice Signature program with this important application today!

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